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The St. Lawrence Academy

Meet our Staff K-8

Lynda Ambler - Joanisse

Director, Head of School at SLA since 2013-14

B.A. English Studies

E.C.E. Accelerated Program - Honours

A.I.M. French Language Acquisition 2015

Handwriting/Learning Without Tears 2017


Email: [email protected]

Sandra Nandoo

Head of Academics

Teacher - Mathematics Gr. 1-6

Founding member of the St. Lawrence Academy in 2007

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Child & Youth Studies first class standing

Bachelor of Education

Math Part 1 AQ - 2016 ETFO

Handwriting/Learning Without Tears 2017


Email: [email protected]

Caroline Hosick - on leave

Teacher since 2013-14 school year

Music, Drama, Visual Arts

Bachelor of Science in Art

Bachelor of Education - Specialist, Minor Music

Royal Conservatory of Music Voice,Theory & Piano

Special Education Part 1


Email: [email protected]

Debra Paquette

Teacher at SLA since 2014-15

Social Studies & Science 

Bachelor of Education - Primary/Elementary

Bachelor of Education - Special Education

Bachelor of Arts - English/History


Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Ireland

Kindergarten and Pre-K Program

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Child & Youth Studies first class standing - Brock University

Bachelor of Education

6 years experience as Director - Ottawa Childcare

Email: [email protected]

Riley Shaw - on leave

Teacher at SLA since 2017-18 school year

Language Teacher 

Bachelor of Education - Primary/Junior

Bachelor of Arts - English/History

Special Education Part 1

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program


Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Jones

Junior-Intermediate Core English and French and Physical Education 

Teacher's College at Nipissing University with a major in Sociology and a minor in Mathematics. Miss Jones has spent the last 11 years teaching in London, England acting in several roles including Classroom Teacher, Program Coordinator, and Physical Education Curriculum Designer and Trainer. She will be using her skills to teach the Junior/Intermediate core classes and Physical Education at SLA


Email: [email protected]

Our Support Staff

Jean-Marc Joanisse

 Bus Driver at SLA since 2013-2014

Mark Howard 

Bus Driver

Mr. Howard was hired full-time for the 2020-21 school year to ensure that the school is sanitized completely every hour.  Mr. Howard is thrilled to be back to provide a safe environment for SLA students.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken

joy in creative expression and knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

Kathy Munkittrick 

Grade 1/2 Homeroom 

Language/Journal Gr. 1-8 

Served as Director of Education and Teacher at Discovery International School in Rwanda from 2016-2019

  • Trained specifically at the North American Montessori Center as a CASA Teacher
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Special Education 

Awarded: $100,000.00 Educational Scholarship Fund 2019 - allowing 10 underprivileged children to receive scholarships 

Discovery Legacy Award 2019 - Excellence in teaching 

Mlle Allison Lee ‚Äč

French Teacher Grades K-8 

Bachelor of Education - Queen's University (At-Risk Children Concentration)

Bachelor of Arts, Honours - Psychology 

FSL Pt 1 

Classroom Management, Intersectionality, Mental Health 


Nicole Gilmer

Arts Teacher, Drama, Music and Art

Bachelor of Education, Queen's University 

Bachelor of Arts, Honours, Major - Psychology  Minor - Law , Queen's University 

Dean's Honour List Carleton University 

TEFL Certificate 

Teaching in Sweden 2016 - 2019 Language, Science and Technology