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The St. Lawrence Academy

Preparing for Secondary School Success

Research indicates that students’ experiences in their first year of high school often determine their success throughout high school and beyond. This is why, that along with the completion of the grade 7/8 curriculum, our program is successfully structured for our students to make a smooth transition to secondary school. We understand that high school can be a frightening and overwhelming experience for many students as they adjust to new responsibilities and challenges. Our teachers have taken careful consideration into creating unique opportunities to encourage and promote specific skills that are of great benefit to our middle school graduates as they embark on their high school journey. Many of these skills are weaved throughout our courses over the entire year, while the last month of school is primarily dedicated to ensuring that our students leave with a solid foundation in the following skills:

* time management and organizational strategies

* Note taking and study skills

* Leadership training and peer mentoring

* Confidence and positive self-esteem

* Accountability which includes students tracking, reflecting, and taking ownership of their grades

* Critical thinking and problem solving

* setting and achieving goals

* healthy work habits

* effective communication skills to apply across the secondary school curriculum

* test and exam preparation

Highschool graduation requirements

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

-Sally Berger